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Fire Watch Services - Fort Worth

Protect People and Assets from the Risk of Fire

Fire Watch Services Fort Worth Fire is serious business due to the potential loss of lives, assets and property damage. In fact, local governments often require on-site fire watch services if an inspection results in fire system failure or malfunction. This means your business could face fines or be shut down until a fire watch solution is in place. Let Twin City Security in Fort Worth help.

We offer customized, round-the-clock fire watch services to protect your property and personnel in both commercial and residential locations. With both emergency, short-term options and long-term contracts, we have the expertise to keep your facility safe and running smoothly.

Our expertly-trained fire watch guards provide assurance that you're in full compliance with the law. We service businesses, hotels, government facilities, multifamily housing, senior facilities, schools and more.

Highly Trained and Experienced in Fire Watch Protocol

Armed with in-depth knowledge of risk factors and fire watch procedures, our guards - who can be deployed at a moment's notice - patrol your property. They know the specific hazards to look for and precisely how to react to any sign of potential danger. In the event of fire, our systems ensure early warning and rapid mobilization to prevent or minimize damage.

Our fire watch guards meet all state requirements established by the fire marshal. They have specialized training, not only in fire safety, but also in the fire safety equipment and evacuation processes unique to your location. Our customized approach offers the highest level of protection and customer service.

When are Emergency Fire Watch Services Needed?

  • Inoperative or malfunctioning alarm system
  • Malfunctioning fire sprinklers
  • Power loss
  • Water supply shutdown
  • Presence of toxic or flammable materials
  • Failed inspection of your property

Twin City Security in Fort Worth Standard Fire Watch Services

Twin City Security in Fort Worth is locally owned and managed, which means we understand exactly what’s required to protect our local businesses and properties. We use fire watch guards for on-site protection.

The roles and functions of Fort Worth fire watch guards:

  • Patrol designated buildings and property at specified intervals
  • Check for signs of fire, including flames, smoke, burning odors, improperly stored flammable or hazardous materials, and increased temperatures
  • Identify other dangerous situations like water, steam or gas leaks, and power losses
  • Monitor premises for other safety issues that could create risks or hinder response time
  • Ensure that entrances and exits are not locked and that fire lanes are clear of vehicles or other obstacles
  • Verify that extinguishers, along with other fire or emergency equipment, are fully functional and current
  • Maintain a log of fire watch activities
  • Notify the local fire department in the event of emergency
  • Execute rapid, safe evacuation, if necessary

Our fire watch services include regular property patrol that usually occur at 30 to 60-minute intervals. The frequency is based on the local fire code and your specific risk level.

Protect Your Fort Worth Property with Fire Watch Services

Twin City Security in Fort Worth offers 24-hour fire watch services in the Fort Worth metro area. Mitigate your risks with vigilant and experienced fire watch services to avoid fines, shutdowns and the costly damage of fires. We have the experience and industry knowledge to keep your property and people safe.

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