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Twin City Security in Fort Worth Exceeds the Industry Standard for Armed Guards

Armed Security Guard Fort WorthArmed security guards are necessary for some facilities, events or industries to help keep employees and the public safe. When dangerous individuals don’t respond to typical safety deterrents, guards must act quickly and calmly.

Be proactive and equipped with smart safety solutions. Twin City Security in Fort Worth is a locally owned and managed private security company offering armed security guard services.

At Twin City Security in Fort Worth, our armed security guards are licensed, bonded, and insured for carrying a handgun. Not only is each armed guard required to complete an intensive training program, but they also go through a screening process and background check.

We take armed security seriously and you should too. Hiring a substandard armed guard can quickly turn into a disaster. We have the highest standards for recruitment, training, and oversight to ensure our guards are fully prepared to handle many types of emergency situations.

Armed Security Guards for High Risk Businesses

At Twin City Security in Fort Worth, we work with clients to determine whether an armed guard is a necessary solution based on each client’s individual needs. The purpose of an armed security guard is more than just a deterrent to property crimes. Our armed guards are prepared to use force if necessary to address violent and criminal behavior.

Businesses needing armed security guards often have one of these five risk factors:

  1. Late operational hours
  2. High value assets (items like jewelry, prescription drugs, copper, etc.)
  3. Cash transactions
  4. Selling a controlled substance
  5. Location with a high crime rate or gang problem

If you operate a business with one of these risk factors, we’re here to help with our private security solutions, including armed security guards.

Armed Security for Your Peace of Mind

At Twin City Security in Fort Worth, we understand the seriousness of armed security. We offer armed security guard services for both facilities and events. Our highly trained guards are skilled in identifying potential threats in a variety of situations.

Armed security guards are a smart solution for high-profile events. Also, certain types of events require higher security measures, like events where individuals are likely to get emotional or intoxicated.

Armed security guards offer peace of mind in volatile situations. These may be ongoing conditions, like with certain types of businesses, or temporary, like during layoffs or events. We offer armed guard solutions for both long-term and short-term contracts. In both cases, we continue to focus on customization to provide the best plan for your specific conditions.

Armed Security Solutions You Can Trust

When you need the services of an armed security guard, don’t settle the cheap or easy answer. Work with a private security company that has the experience, training, and industry knowledge to properly guard your people and assets. At Twin City Security in Fort Worth, we prioritize safety, service, and client relationships.

Let’s discuss whether armed security is the best solution for your business.

Contact us today to learn more about armed security guards in Fort Worth.

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