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Commercial Security Services Fort Worth

We provide top contract security services for commercial properties in Fort Worth. Save money for your industrial or commercial facility by contracting with the security experts at Twin City Security Fort Worth. Work with us to gain peace of mind that your customized security solution ties to decades of excellent service and proven results.

Our highly-trained security professionals follow the procedures specific to your facility to manage loss prevention, provide controlled access and maintain site safety.

We Serve Commercial Clients Across Industries

We offer commercial security services to a variety of facilities. Each security professional receives training to manage the specific requirements for commercial security. Our team follows your customized procedures based on your unique contract.

Here is a sample of the types of commercial operations we serve. However, if you do not see your industry listed, please reach out. We have decades of experience serving commercial properties in a large range of industries.

  • Plants

  • Warehouses

  • Factories

  • Manufacturing

  • Oil Industry

  • … and more

Why Commercial Security Matters in Fort Worth

Fort Worth is a major U.S. city and industrial hub in Texas. Maintain your operations and prevent losses with contract security. Twin City Security Fort Worth is a local business with knowledge of Fort Worth communities, including how best to operate in specific geographic areas and industries.

Goals of Commercial Security

  • Prevent losses

  • Maintain an orderly environment for employees and visitors

  • Manage fire and hazardous material risks

  • Address other specific property issues

  • Meet requirements for safety based on state and local regulations

Our highly trained team knows what it takes to enhance security measures while minimizing and managing the risks of your daily operations. We prioritize training, communication, and customer service to meet and exceed the guidelines of your customized security contract.

The Roles of Commercial Security in Fort Worth

Secure Site Perimeter

Establish and operate controlled access at entry and exit points. Deter theft, vandalism, and loitering through the presence of security guards and standard security operations.

  • Controlled entry points for employees, vendors and visitors

  • Property patrols at fluctuating times

  • Evaluate property’s lighting, fencing and other safety features for optimal security

  • Inspect entry points, truck docks, egresses and ingresses

  • Oversight of safety violations

  • Investigate any forced and unforced unauthorized site entry

Emergency Planning to Reduce Business Disruptions

Our guards train in the proper response to emergencies. They aim to maintain minimal interruptions to the normal facility operations during emergencies.

  • Daily reports of security operations

  • Quick and effective responses to safety issues and alarms

  • CCTV site monitoring

  • Supervising building and property systems, including lighting, alarms, sprinkler systems and HVAC

  • Address property threats and inspect packages

Loss Prevention Measures

Theft and property damage costs commercial operations. With the right security in place, you can lower your risks.

  • Secure property docks, doors and other entry or exit points

  • Establish procedures for in-transit shipments and cargo

  • Control access for the property

  • Integrate emergency preparedness strategies, including weather-related responses

Fire Watch and Hazardous Material Management

Maintain control and minimize damage to both property and people with established fire and safety hazard procedures.

  • Hazardous material management

  • First aid training, including basic CPR, first responder and paramedic training

  • Post Indicator Valve (PIV) checks

  • Fire extinguisher protocols

  • Contain and clean up spills

  • Early fire response

Twin City Security Fort Worth Excellence

We set the standard for excellence in commercial security. If you need commercial security in Fort Worth, contact us today to schedule a security consultation.

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