Private Security – Fort Worth

The Benefits of a Fort Worth Private Security Company

Private security companies, in general, offer contracted security services for local businesses, governments, schools, and events. At Twin City Security in Fort Worth, our services include the personnel, technology and procedures to support security operations in the Fort Worth metro area.

We work in partnership with facility managers to lessen the burden of overseeing the total facility operation. With the many hats a facility manager must wear, Twin City Security in Fort Worth provides a quality security solution for your facility. You can then stay focused on your other tasks.

We manage tasks such as:

  • Hiring, training and managing security guards
  • Maintaining surveillance technology
  • Creating emergency preparedness plans
  • Checking system safeguards
  • Inspecting access and egress areas for potential problems
  • Handling employee and visitor IDs

The Goal of Private Security in Fort Worth

Twin City Security in Fort Worth is locally owned and managed, which means we’re invested in our local community. As a private security company, we offer more than just defense against theft and human disruption. While those are part of the job, we also provide services like fire watch and technology solutions.

Private security offers peace of mind that your business, facility or event runs with safety in mind. Let us handle the security details while you focus on running your business operation.

Twin City Security in Fort Worth is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Operation

At Twin City Security in Fort Worth, we understand each client has unique security needs. You receive services customized to match your industry, location, and budget. Each security protocol plan works in partnership with the client to address your requirements.

Contracting with a local, private security company provides a higher level of service. Our specialized transition team works to make changing to Twin City Security in Fort Worth easy and effective. In fact, we aim for a seamless transition.

Whenever possible, we keep your current security guards at your site. However, they must pass a screening and complete a training program. Our customized approach also includes uniforms to match your brand image. While you’ll be working with a private security company, we do everything possible to present a united image for your customers.

Why Choose Twin City Security in Fort Worth?

Twin City Security has over forty years of experience providing expert security solutions. Our reputation for excellence, customer service, quality training and sophisticated technology position us as a top private security provider.

We take a tailored approach to each client. We’re part of the community and want to provide the best solutions to keep your business and our community moving forward.

While our standards are high, we try to keep your security spending on target with your budget. Private security comes at a price, but we have the experience to maximize your dollars for the most effective resources.

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