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Twin City Security in Fort Worth Provides Excellent Unarmed Security

Unarmed Security Guard Fort WorthWith over forty years of private security experience, Twin City Security has the knowledge to help you find the best security solution. For most Fort Worth metro businesses and events an armed security guard isn’t necessary.

Unarmed security guards are usually enough for your business to maintain a controlled environment. At Twin City Security in Fort Worth, we work with clients to determine what type of customized security solution works best for your unique needs.

Twin City Security in Fort Worth Goals for Unarmed Security

  • Deter property crimes such as theft and vandalism

  • Provide peace of mind to employees and customers

  • Maintain facility emergency preparation

  • Respond immediately to incidents

Twin City Security in Fort Worth’s unarmed security guards train to handle a variety of issues. They deter property crimes and unsafe behavior. Plus, they help prepare for and minimize damage due to natural emergencies such as tornados, floods, and fires. Overall, unarmed security guards reduce risks for your business.

Highly Trained Unarmed Security Guards

At Twin City Security in Fort Worth, our unarmed security guards train at the highest level of industry standards. We believe quality training is the foundation for successful security operations.

Our unarmed guards receive training in the following areas:

  • Patrol effectively

  • Investigating potential security threats
  • Staying within confines of the law
  • Monitor access and egress areas

  • Monitor alarms and closed-circuit television

  • Understand privacy and ethical considerations

  • Respond to and controlling fires

  • Respond to medical emergencies

  • Curb civil disturbances, like fights and aggressive behavior

  • Understand cultural diversity

  • Communicate effectively

  • Write reports for management

Not only do our Fort Worth area unarmed security guards receive formal training, they continue to receive training on the job site to meet the client’s specific requirements.

Twin City Security in Fort Worth is a Cost-Effective Security Solution

Every business must operate on a budget. For many businesses without high-security risks, it can be easy to believe quality security services aren’t necessary. However, investing in solid security solutions can save money in the long run.

One financial benefit of having a well-trained security guard on the premises is a discount from your insurance company. On-site security significantly reduces the likelihood of incurring losses, property damage, or lawsuits. Many insurance companies view unarmed security as an asset to reduce their risks. Ask your insurance company about available discounts for on-site unarmed security guards.

If you’re thinking about hiring your own security guards, talk to us first. Since security is our only business, we know how to operate without wasting resources and time. Most facility managers have too many other responsibilities to effectively hire, train and manage security personnel. Hiring the right private security company can save you money on operational costs.

Invest in Quality Security for Your Fort Worth Business

We work with each client to identify the best possible security solutions for your budget and business requirements. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to start investing in quality security for your Fort Worth business.

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