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Security Guards - Fort Worth

Highly Trained and Trusted Professional Security Guards

Security Guards Fort Worth The key ingredient to quality and effective security is with highly trained security guards. At Twin City Security in Fort Worth, we specialize in security guard training to provide top security guard services based on the client’s unique risk assessment and protection needs. With over forty years of experience, Twin City Security understands the process to train confident, reliable and trusted security guards for your business.

The Twin City Security badge, worn by our Fort Worth security guards, represents quality. Start today on a path to safety by investing in a customized protection plan, including the services of our security guards.

The Fort Worth metro area, like many other parts of the country, continues to grow with an increased variety of businesses, government facilities, events and entertainment venues. Our security guards are trained to meet the specific challenges associated with each client to provide quality service and vigilant protection.

Security Guard Training

At Twin City Security in Fort Worth, we believe training is the core of successful security operations. Our team of security guards each receive rigorous training in general security duties, including:

  • Patrol procedures
  • Professional ethics
  • Civilian law enforcement
  • Communication
  • Technology
  • Emergency response
  • Crime deterrents

The specific roles of each type of security guard requires different skills and training. As a follow up to our in-house training, each guard must complete on-the-job training to learn the specific requirements for your facility based on the contract. In addition, we track performance to ensure continual growth and client satisfaction.

We classify each guard as a Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3. Most guards begin as a Level 1 and based on training, skills and experience are promoted over the course of their career. With each promotion to a higher level, the security guard obtains additional training to meet the standards for the new duties.

Level 1 - Watchmen

Level 1 security guards hold the role of watchmen. The goal for this position is to control access and offer public assistance. These are lower demand security positions but still maintain the high standard for performance expected from Twin City Security. Level 1 guards are effective for clients such as residential communities and construction sites.

Level 2 – Public Relations Officer

Level 2 security guards hold the role of public relations officers. With additional training and experience, Level 2 officers manage extensive public contact and understand technical environments. A Level 2 guard offers security for more complex environments like schools, government facilities and airports.

Level 3 - Advanced Officer

Level 3 security guards are considered advanced officers, which can be either armed or unarmed. Their skill set includes a sophisticated technical knowledge to recognize unusual patterns of behavior or potential threats. Advanced officers work in higher demand industries like pharmacies, nursing homes, special events and industrial facilities.

Customized Security Guard Solutions

At Twin City Security in Fort Worth, we hire and train security guards to be the best in the industry. Our individualized and customized approach to each client helps create an ideal security protocol with trustworthy security guards at the forefront.

We work with each client to determine the level of security guard needed to meet your specific requirements. Our risk assessment allows us to tailor your security solution for the best results in line with your budget.

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