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Security Services Fort Worth

Security Services Fort Worth

Providing a Wide Range of Proven Security Services Across Industries

Twin City Security is established on over forty years of experience in the contract security industry. Our proven track record positions Twin City Security in Fort Worth to provide security services in any setting or industry. We’re a top contract security company offering diverse and customized security services to clients in a variety of industries, supported by our extensive security knowledge and ties to the local Fort Worth community.

At Twin City Security in Fort Worth, we’re uniquely positioned to offer customized security services to meet a variety of needs.

  • Building Security
  • Commercial Security
  • Industrial Security
  • Construction Security
  • Bank Security
  • Hospital Security
  • Event Security
  • Hotel Security
  • Mall and Retail Security
  • Museum Security
  • Residential Security
  • University Campus Security
  • Fire Watch Security
  • Vacant Property Security

This list isn’t all inclusive. If you don’t see your specific security need on this list, contact us to discuss your options. Our years of experience extends to customized and unique security protection options.

Business Security

The majority of our clients are private business operations, from small local businesses to industrial operations and more. We’ve honed our approach to business security based on our many years of experience across a large variety of industries. We understand flexibility is important to quality protection for each client.

We offer a customized approach to security based on your industry, facility, location and company culture. From the initial risk assessment to the uniforms worn by the guards, we tailor each contract to the unique needs and requirements of our business security clients.

Government Security

Government security offers unique challenges that differ from business, private or industrial security. At Twin City Security, our experience in government security spans our entire forty years of operations. With a proven track record for success, we’ve worked in partnership with government facilities at all levels to provide client focused safety solutions.

We understand the distinct processes and standards required in government facilities. Just like with other industries, we offer government clients flexible and custom security solutions. Twin City Security in Fort Worth has the resources and experience necessary to provide exceptional government security services.

Event Security

Special events create unique security challenges. The combination of high-profile individuals, unfamiliar venues and large crowds pose extensive safety risks. At Twin City Security Fort Worth, we offer the experience and resources necessary for the highest-level event safety and security.

We work in partnership with the client to create an event security protocol based on the location, type of event, crowd size and budget. We’re positioned to support a variety of event types, including concerts, political debates, parades, conferences, sporting events and more.

The Fort Worth Security Service Experts

Twin City Security in Fort Worth is locally owned and managed. Our dedication to the Fort Worth community and over forty years of security service experience make us the smart choice to protect your people and assets.

We offer a personalized risk assessment as the foundation to each contract. We’re invested in keeping our clients protected.

Contact us today to discuss your specific security service needs. 817‑922‑9774

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