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Concierge Security - Fort Worth

Control Access and Offer a Helping Hand with Concierge Security Service

Doorman Security Fort Worth Fort Worth doormen, or concierges, usually operate at office, residential or hotel buildings. Concierge service provides the dual benefit of security and courtesy assistance for residents and guests. At Twin City Security in Fort Worth, we offer highly trained concierge security officers who understand safety and customer service.

Concierge service establishes a feeling of high-end or upscale operations. Plus, facilities with a large volume of visitors, residents and employees need to take extra security precautions to protect people and assets. In addition, concierge service assists the public with information and general courtesies.

Doormen are Security Guards Trained to Serve and Protect

Twin City Security in Fort Worth doormen, or porters, are security guards with training in public relations and public safety. We offer concierge security guards to support operations across a variety of industries.

Concierge security works well for places like:

  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Government Buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Shopping Centers and Retail Stores
  • 4- and 5-Star Hotels
  • Luxury Apartment Buildings and HOAs
  • Retirement or Assisted Living Communities

Doormen are Security Guards Trained to Serve and Protect

A concierge security guard minimizes the likelihood of dangerous situations and also deters violence. In situations like fires, robberies, special events or high-profile visitors, concierge security guards maintain calm, safety and a quick response.

The safety and protection duties with concierge security include:

  • Stay vigilant for any unusual activity
  • Patrol interior and exterior of facility
  • Monitor CCTV
  • Check IDs
  • Inspect personal items
  • Inspect alarms and emergency equipment
  • Lock entrances and exits
  • Call for emergency services when necessary
  • Act as a gatekeeper
  • Enforce rules
  • Create emergency plans for evacuation and loss prevention

While safety and security duties are the primary responsibility of a doorman, they’re also available to help the public. The public relations duties often include:

  • pen the door for visitors and residents
  • Greet people entering and exiting the establishment
  • Assist elderly and disabled persons when needed
  • Provide helpful information
  • Escort people to cars

Twin City Security in Fort Worth Adds Value to Your Team

Twin City Security concierge officers work at your facility. We’re a locally owned and managed private security company invested in providing top-notch service to our local community. For the best results, it’s important for the concierge guard to fit into your company culture, value your priorities and relate well to people in the building. This is why we focus diligently on client communication and training.

In addition, guard uniforms are designed to fit your brand image and seamlessly flow with the look of your other employees. With our customized approach, you choose the uniform style that best suits the public image you want to convey.

Start Today Protecting Your People and Assets

At Twin City Security in Fort Worth, we value client satisfaction. This means we offer concierge officers the support needed to do the job right. Our highly sought concierge security services add the value you want to protect both people and assets.

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