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Twin City Security in Fort Worth – Locally Owned and Managed

A Trusted Security Guard Company in Fort Worth

The first Twin City Security location opened in 1974 in Minnesota. With a winning business model based on flexible client contracts and superior security guard training, Twin City Security earned a reputation for excellence. The owners desired to share their formula for success based on the understanding that the best security guard companies are locally owned and managed to match each city’s unique characteristics.

Our Fort Worth branch uses the proven Twin City Security name, business model and training guidelines but is locally owned and managed. We’ve successfully protected clients in Fort Worth since 1990. Over the years, we’ve built a strong reputation as the local security experts with unmatched customer service and industry knowledge.

We Built Our Reputation on Relationships

Trust is critical in the security business. Our clients understand a relationship with Twin City Security in Fort Worth ensures protection, value and quality service. Our guards know at Twin City Security in Fort Worth they receive the training and support to do their job well. This combination leads to quality and lasting relationships with both clients and staff.

Our personalized approach to security means we’re invested in getting to know our clients and understand the specific security needs to minimize risks and elevate safety.

Being Local Gives Us Flexibility and Authority

As a local company, we believe in the values of the Fort Worth community, and we’re devoted in keeping the businesses in our community safe. Being local gives us first hand knowledge of the specific needs related to business operations in Fort Worth.

Our proven track record, positive client reviews and high level of customer satisfaction are testaments to our commitment for excellence. As a locally owned and managed company, we offer each client a contract tailored to their specific needs.

Customized client security solutions:

  • Choose the uniform style to align with the company brand image

  • Use a variety of technology solutions, including CCTV, for extra support

  • Decide the essential duties of the guards based on recommendations from the risk assessment

  • Ability to hire the client’s existing security guards when transitioning from in-house security to contract security

  • Add insurance coverage, for unique situations, above the standard insurance coverage at Twin City Security

  • Decide which reports to generate and the required frequency

  • Include a daily checklist for communication and accountability

  • Decide additional guard responsibilities, including escorting employees after hours, opening the door for people, answering questions and other helpful actions outside the scope of protection

Proven Security Protection in Fort Worth

At Twin City Security in Fort Worth, we offer proven security protection with a variety of services. Whether you need private security for a one-night event or ongoing, daily services, we offer a solution tailored to the client’s needs.

Our security services include:

  • Concierge security

  • Event security

  • Construction security

  • Fire watch services

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A Minneapolis/St. Paul Founded Company in 1974